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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

winTer is here

t/tuesday again...
brewing lots of tea recently - with planning of leftover,
as dyeing is the choice of the week...
i needed some off-White cloth for my patchworking

i made a mix of tea and soy-milk (as a mordant, tip from jude hill) and let it soak for a day (or better two). then into the washing machine. the result was good for my purpose.

the mitosis patches are done, i think i will put them together as a fabric book.
some more squares added to the Patchwork pieces:
i enlarged the blocks with strips of nine to each one, so i have six 6x9 pieces now.
i will not sew them together...
plan is to put some other pieces in between.
still thinking about Details...
(not to Forget the pockets...)
the 6x9 concept can easily be broken up by adding 2-piece squares or strips or 3-piece elements... gives me a broad variety of enlargement...
actually i want to add some stitching. doesn´t matter how Long it takes. i do not have a Deadline.
question is how Close i will stick to the Color scheme i used so far...
(maybe i could add some sand Color with the stitching... will try...)
i also have some leftover pre-basted squares, but i might use them as fillers later.
don´t they even look beautiful from the back?
this Kind of basting almost doesn´t Show at all at the front - so no Need to remove the yarn after sewing them together.
and finally: winter came with the last Weekend... 

and so i sewed this base:.
and will see what will evolve from this...
a snow cat maybe?  


  1. Looks like you are keeping your fingers warm with stitching in the cold weather! Enjoy your tea and the winter. happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Once again I am in AWE of your hand sewn art. I really like the mug you chose, especially because of the abstract design. Chai tea sounds good, too.

    If you want a laugh at ME, I thought the items I STILL have no idea what they are, under the blocks of sew pieces were your SHOES when I glanced at the photo. Then I realized they didn't even look like shoes after I looked at the photo.

    I feel sorry for the snow cat. I hope it's now safely inside.

    I had read that soy milk could be used as a mordant, but have never used the kind of dye where a mordant was needed.

    I also did some tea dyeing this past week, but I used it to activate rust. Since you are a fan of rust, you might want to check out what I did:

    Thanks for sharing your dyed fabric, your sewn squares (and continuation of these blocks), your snow cat, and your chai tea with us for T this Tuesday.

    BTW, did you read that Glenn Frey of The Eagles died? He was 67.

  3. Na Du bist fleissig! Toll sieht das alles aus! Viel Spaß weiterhin bei Nähen und werkeln!!! Happy T-Day!

  4. Love the finished mitosis book! I find that very inspiring! Think I might have to make some biology related piece...Stay warm and enjoy all that T-whether you are drinking or dyeing...

  5. I love to see a pile of squares, ready cut and basted waiting to be sewn together, I used to love doing that. They do actually look good from the back where the pattern forms a border round the middle.
    Your mitosis squares will make a good fabric book, something quite different in fabricbook-land.
    Your pussy-cat look lovely, I hope you let him in quickly after the photo-shoot.

  6. your fabric pieces are wonderful Johanna!And the quilted squares look just as good from the back. Love your modern design mug! Hope kitty comes in soon to warm up.Happy T day!

  7. Ich finde es so toll, wie du deine neue Obsession auslebst! Es ist immer so spannend, jede Woche zu sehen, wie du weiter gearbeitet hast, was neu dazu gekommen ist.
    ...und ja, die Rückseiten deiner von Hand genähten Squares sehen mindestens ebenso klasse aus, wie die Vorderseiten!
    Wie süß, dein verschneiter Kater!
    Ihr habt wohl ein wenig mehr an Weiß als wir hier - sieht wunderbar aus!

    ...du hast mir ja mit deinem Blog-Comment von heute Morgen gleich schon wieder den Tages-Schauer verpasst. Nee, jetzt muss wirklich Schluss sein... aber verdammt, wir werden ja alle gemeinsam älter...
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  8. I am loving the look of your patchwork and the colours are beautiful. I will be interested to see how this turns out. I am glad I am not alone in giving deadlines for projects as sometimes they do indeed take time.

  9. What an attractive mug!

    We haven't had any snow at all so far, but we don't ever get much. I enjoyed seeing your snow pictures. Thx!

  10. Your kitty looks like it is "inside" except for the snowflakes *gg*
    Hoping we get our first snow this weekend!
    Yours looks lovely Johanna.
    Fun to see your fabric doings and so interesting about soy milk as a mordant!
    Happy T Day oxo

  11. The book pages are fabulous, soy milk, I'll have to remember that one. Stay warm, quite wintry here too. xox

  12. That is going to make a great fabric book! You have been so busy! I admire people who can make quilts and blankets. Happy T-Day! :)

  13. Sehr schön...Und bei der Schneekatze hatte ich ein Grinsen im Gesicht.

  14. Toll Johanna! Was bewirkt die Sojamilch- Tee- Mischung in der Waschmaschine? Auf die Fertigstellung Deines Bio- Buchs und der Patch works bin ich echt gespannt und schon ein bisschen ungeduldig. Was für herrliche Stoffzusammenstellungen! Sehr geschmackvoll! Euer Schneekätzchen sieht aus wie unser süßer Felix, der leider kein Schneekater mehr sein kann aber es weckt Erinnerungen. Es sieht so aus als würde wieder eine krative Woche vor Dir liegen. Liebe Grüße sendet Dir Gabi

  15. What treat of a post! I love your mug! It is a long time since I did any patchwork but appreciate the work that is going into yours! I hope your snow cat enjoyed the snow! Happy T day, Chrisx

  16. So many good things to look at there today. We have snow here now too. Winter was very slow to get here this year but it's playing hard to make up for it. :(

  17. I love, love, love those biology squares! I got a chuckle because I looked twice and thought your cat was actually inside!

    Sorry to be so late this week for tea.

  18. Die Nummer mit der Sojamilch ist ja hochinteressant. Frau lernt nie aus.
    Deine Decke entwickelt sich prächtig, Vorder- wie auch Rückseite sehen super aus.

  19. You mitosis patches will make a pretty and educational book, which much be an unusual combination.
    Sorry I haven't visited for a while.

  20. Wow, being a science teacher I'm amazed by the Mitosis art work :)


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