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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

review of last week

you are invited to grab a Cup of coffee (or tea) and follow me through the last week...
Cappuccino and panna cotta with apricots
my elder son is the "Minister of health" in our household, so when he visits at the Weekend he often brings up new recipes (he loves to cook) and new Food.
this time it was the horned melon or kiwano, which i never tried before:
i´m glad i photographed it, because i really liked its look,
but: not my taste. somehow like unripe bananas...
i think i´ll get my vitamins from elsewhere...
after quite a pause i took up my Journal again, the one with the gelliprint Backgrounds.
back in 2010 the swedish post released these awesome stamps with the candy cane sucking Girl. i had to buy them... and my custom made swedish cancellation stamps fits there perfectly.
text from a Magazine/Advertising, translates: tested and found to be good.
as this month´s ajj theme is Collage, i link it to this challenge.
i suppose i will be able to make more journaling this month, as the weather currently is not inviting to go outside...
i went on stitchin´ at the woven Piece from last week:
after several times of stitching inadvertently into the Cloth at the edges, i turned the exterior part down with  safetyPins for the Moment.
i stenciled a raven (umr-design) and a tree (tim holtz) onto the fabric and filled Them with stitches.

also appliqued a pale moon in a very light yellow (old blouse of mine) above the raven. 

the sun got some pale yellow stitching, too...
and the snowflakes were embroidered in various shades of blue

this last pic Shows the finished Piece. the red line (marked with photoshop) is the outline of  the woven 6x6 stripes and thus everything beyond is not embroidered.
what will it become?
a Picture on the wall? a pillow? part of a larger something?
who knows...

for example pieces like this - a snow embroidered patch - could be taken to enlarge it sideward.
not sure though.


  1. Du hast wieder viel gemacht diese Woche. Danke Die Marken sind lustig. dass Du eine kleine Collage für AJJ gemacht hast! Schöne Stickereien auch. Happ T Day, GLG, Valerie

  2. Also ich nehme die Panna mit Tee und das schöne Baum/Sonne Stück...

  3. Hmmm lecker Kaffee und die Frucht kenn ich auch gar nicht -
    Deine Seite gefällt mir super gut---die Farben und Gestaltung sind spitze! Und Du weisst ja .. um die Geduld mit der Stickerei beneide ich Dich!
    Sieht aus als würde das ein kleines Meisterwerk werden!
    Ja.. bei uns ist das Wetter derzeit auch so mies, dass nicht mal die Hunde vor die Tür wollen...
    gut für Basteltanten...

    Liebe Grüße und lieben Dank für Deine tolle Collage zu Art Journal Journey!

  4. Your woven piece is just stunning! I could really see this as a journal cover--you put so much work into it, I would want to use it everyday!

    As much as I enjoy bananas, I don't think I would enjoy the taste of an unripe one. I have seen these in our supermarket and always wondered what they tasted like--thanks for saving me from having to experiment! Happy T Day!

  5. Die Briefmarken-Collage ist herrlich, macht einfach gute Laune!
    Sag mal, ist das eine Kaktus-Frucht? Jedenfalls ist das Foto vom Innenleben sehr interessant.
    Lieben Gruß an die Plattstich-Expertin! Ulrike

  6. WOW! your woven piece is gorgeous and all the hand stitching (embroidery) is fantastic. I don't think my ole hands could do all that lovely stuff anymore.....I used to love to embroidery too.

    Happy T-day

  7. Gorgeous patchwork art, and I adore the stamps on your wonderful journal page! I think I would much rather have your panna cotta than that fruit thank you:) Happy T day!

  8. What a fabulous post! I loved seeing your patchwork and your journal page! I don't think I would like the fruit though - even if it is low in sugar!!! Your coffee and pannacotta looks really good though! Chrisx

  9. No, I've never seen that fruit. And it does not look inviting, however colourful it might be....
    Your cloth is beautiful. Love the raven! It would look good as a cushion I think. Is it too big for a tote bag?
    Have a fab T-Day,

  10. Okay--I got to the raven stencil and couldn't see anything else. LOVE that! It's al beautiful, though. Happy T-Day! :)

  11. I had never heard of horned melon before. It looks intriguing, but I don't think I would care for the taste either.

    It's great to see how your blue fabric project has evolved since next week. I'm curious to see what you will do with it next.

    Take care!

  12. a wonderful embroidered piece! love the blues and snowflakes! happy T day!

  13. I've often wondered how those melons taste and now I know. I'll save my coin for something else to eat :) Love your fiber art project!!!!

  14. Wonderful stitching but like you I'll pass on the fruit. Great stamps...wish we had some like that. xox

  15. I'll be more than happy to join you in a cappuccino, but you can keep that nice to look at kiwano.

    I simply adore your thread stitching, especially the raven and moon. They are really great examples of wonderful embroidery, too. Of course, I simply adore your collage. You always inspire me with your collages.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely art, your beautiful thread sketching, and your cappuccino with us for T this Tuesday.

  16. oohh was für eine tolle seite,ich nehme auch die panna und den tee.
    dise frucht ist sicher eine kaktuss frucht,das innenleben sieht sehr interresant aus.

    GLG Jeannette

    1. nein, keine kaktusfrucht, denn die schmeckt ja gut! kiwanos sind wieder ganz was anderes. muss man aber nicht probieren;)

  17. I got a cup of coffee and settled down to look!
    The fruit is a delightful work of art, I once kept a similar colourful fruit, a Pitaya, in a bowl on the table, just to admire its beauty.
    Your textile is very fine, love the raven flying under the moon and your decorated sun, and the owl is staying put, looking quite contented.
    Stitching into the seam at the side? - one of my pastimes, you would think it would only happen once, but how many times do I have to unpick it?
    I think your textile would look very good as a framed picture.

  18. A fabulous post today with so many artworks, Johanna. The fruit looks amazing, the collage is fantastic as always, and I love the stitching piece. Brilliant!

  19. Hi dear Johanna! :)
    As usual, I love to wander around your universe...
    And each time I wonder why I haven't come for so long.
    As Groucho Marx said, 'Time flies like an arrow and fruits fly like a banana!' :D
    I love a lot your embroidered and stitched patterns and colors. The sun is wonderful. I agree with Sheila about a framed textile, but maybe it's because I love square formats?
    You're a lucky lady that your son is so invested in health food, and a courageous one for trying new and strange and beautiful fruits! Your mind is still wide open!:D

  20. Those stamps are wonderful and the collage will save them so you can enjoy them in your art. I love your little quilt too!

  21. I love the additions to the woven square, particularly those dainty snowflakes. Your journal page is such fun - what wonderful stamps, and they look so good against your background.
    I have not seen a horned pear before - so ugly on the outside and so beautiful on the inside. What a pity the taste isn't so good! Jx

  22. hach, dieser Rabe ist einfach wunderschön!

  23. Tolle Seite & wunderschöne Arbeiten! LG Anja

    1. danke, anja! hab dich leider nicht gefunden in blogland... Google + zeigt mir nichts...


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