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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


well, at the back of my mind i´m obviously still the biology teacher;)
when i started my genetic lessons i always made my pupils repeat the long scientific term for DNA (DNS in german) ten times in a loud Chorus. they knew the word quite quickly;)
i found old black trousers of my sons´ youth on the attic and cut them to patches...
black always provides a good foundation...
oh, and we learned at School:
the base adenine matches up with thymine, guanine with cytosine.
and These bases are built with amino acids,
which i added by very thin stitches (split up yarn) in between:

i loved stitching this colorful patch:)
and the lesson about mitosis already started to be stitched... stay tuned.

on friday i enjoyed the Exhibition about klee and kandinsky in the lenbachhouse in munich. one of my favorite Museums.
in advance i had watched two Videos about the artists, which was very helpful (because the amount of the Pictures was overwhelming. actually, if there is time, one should visit this Exhibition twice or three times...). the Video about klee is here (english), the one about kandinsky here (german).
i got lots of Inspiration, especially as i think i can Transfer many components - esp of klee - into my fabric work (if you are familiar with jude hill: i often saw her 9patches in klee´s work... i would not be surprised if she also found much Inspiration in this artist´s work...)
(klee, rosengarten)
exhausted from 2½ hours in the Museum we (i was accompanied by 3 colleagues, all retired, what fun!) went to the literaturhaus to have lunch.
i had cesar´s salad and a pils (>t/tuesday),
and it is always fun that a Quote from oskar Maria graf shines up at the bottom of the plates.
(here [in a bit of rough language]: "let´s eat and drink... we are on the way to the gallows anyway...")
the literaturhouse is quite central in munich and a bit upmarket, but once in a while i indulge in visiting this Restaurant.
"now i surely must be famous soon" at the bottom of the cake plate, and "more erotics, please" in the  coffee Cup (and i won´t comment how far this fits the presence of pep guardiola... i only took photos very secretly of his table downstairs)
not to Forget, after two hours of rest we were relaxed enough to go to the photo Exhibition "Genesis" of Sebastiao salgado, who made a wonderful film with wim Wenders (acadamy Award nominated in category documentary)
well, salgado´s highly impressive photographs are black&white,
but i think my Collage (>ajj) in the gelliprints-journal at least fits the same theme:
various washi tape and a few rubber stamps involved...
and i have one more, due to actuality - a quick digital one:
seems somebody made him/herself a wonderful xmas present:
credits: Background - holliewood, moon - excerpt from a Background of Martha van eck, texture shadowhouse creations, pics www, font brush up too


  1. Wow.. was für ein toller mit Kunst gespickter post - nicht zu vergessen das leckere Essen!
    Ich mag Deine DNS Stickerei und musste sofort lächeln..das ist auch so ziemlich das einzige was ich noch vom Biounterricht parat hab -das Wort kann ich im Schlaf und dass Chlorophyll Blattgrün ist (kicher)--- meine Tochter hat grad den Aufbau der Zellen mit all den Fremdwörtern gespickt (9.Klasse) Gymnsium schlichtweg nur auswenidg gelernt( sie sagt sie versteht nicht die Bohne davon - muss sie ja auch nicht- Haupsache sie kann es )
    aber gut - sie interessiert sich auch nicht die Bohne für Schule derzeit...!Lol!
    Happy T-Day die Ausstellung beneide ich Dich wieder mal.... super!

  2. Und ich möchte auch nicht vergessen danke zu sagen für die tollen Collagen für AJJ!!!

  3. Ganz tolle Post, gefällt mir gut. Die biologische Stickerei ist sehr schön geworden, und di Collage für AJJ auch. Beneidenswert Dein Museumsbesuch und das gute Essen hinterher. Happy T day, und eine gute Woche, GLG, Valerie

  4. I don't even know where to begin, Johanna. There is so much in this post. To see Klee and Kandinsky in the same setting would simply take my breath away. I admire both artists, and to actually see their work would be wonderful. Thanks for the links. I'll visit both places after this.

    I was a scientist in a former lifetime, so the biology lesson stitched on fabric was simply incredible.

    Both of your collages were incredible. I like them both, but laughed at the second one.

    And then there was the FOOD and drink. All coffee is erotic in my world. Well, not ALL. I would rather get a lack-of-caffeine induced headache than drink Maxwell House. Not sure if you get it in Germany, but it SUCKS and is definitely not erotic.

    Thanks for sharing your fabric and paper art with us, as well as the museums and coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. Love all your pieces but being a biology teacher I love your artistic view of DNA. Didn't know it was DNS in German...that's for some great professional knowledge this morning!

  6. I recognized the DNA right away! Biology was one of my favorite subjects in college. Looks like you had a fun day with your colleagues visiting the museums and soaking up inspiration.

    PS: Northern Exposure is one of our all time favorites, too. We have the episodes on DVD so we can enjoy them anytime! Each actor played their roles so well and they were all so quirky.

  7. This post is packed with so many wonderful things Joanna!! Fabulous stitch work-I love how you use your science knowledge and transfer it to art! That looks like a really fantastic museum exhibit- I can see how it would inspire you. Your collage page is super. And thanks for sharing that wonderful salad too-my favorite:) Happy T day!

  8. Love your DNA patches, what a lovely idea and they are beautiful too! The meal the quotes on the dishes sounds like something I would have a lot of fun with too. Happy t day to you! Annette

  9. What a great visit with you in this post overflowing with good stuff!
    As impressive as all of your adventures and creativity are is how you have taken the time to share some of it with us here!
    Happy T Day
    I missed you and your creativity

  10. Kandinsky is a favorite for me. I could spend a long time in front of his work and then go back another day for more :) Thx!

  11. So much to see all in one post !!! Sounds like you had a great day out and I love the art. That fiber art patch is wonderful and loved the paper work too.

  12. What a wonderful post! LOVE the DNA stitched piece and enjoyed the explanation of it.

    With sayings and quotes like those,in the bottoms of plates and cups, all food and drink would be finished around here. Clever idea and fun to participate in.

    Happy T-day and thanks for the visit and the lovely comment.

  13. Ach, wie beneide ich dich um die Nähe zum Lehnbachhaus in München!Ein einziges Mal war ich auch dort und das ist schon Lichtjahre her!
    Die überall verteilten deftigen Sprüche im Literaturhaus haben mich auch amüsiert - super Idee.
    ... und heute zeigst du meine bisherige Lieblingsstickerei von dir - die Farben wirken so toll auf dem Schwarz. Mit gestickter DNA bist du bestimmt die Erste!
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  14. What a fantastic day out you have had with your friends! Hurray for being retired!
    Yes, I'm a scientist too so I remember learning about DNA. I love the embroidery you have done. It stands out on the black.
    But I would have like to go to the Klee and Kandinsky exhibition with you.
    The restaurant looks really special. I love the quotes on the plates. The Janis Joplin quote at the end is of a similar sentiment to the "friss und sauf" quote on the plate.
    I smiled at your secret photos of Pep Guardiola.... Yes, he is still very attractive.
    We are having really lovely weather here. I'm sitting on the terrace baking in the sun and have had to come in as I can't see the screen very well!(Indoors it is cold mind! Tonight we will light the fire).

    Happy T-day and have a good week,

  15. Your stitching is gorgeous! love the colors...and made me smile about the teacher coming out...I think being a teacher is not about a job, it's a 'calling!' and Kandinsky is one of my favorite artists too! happy T day!

  16. Stitching the double helix, I love it. Who would think but it makes a great design element. You clever girl. xox

  17. What a wonderful post! So many interesting places to visit. Sounds like you had a great time.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  18. Oh, and I LOVED the DNA embroidery! :)

  19. What a great exhibition - Klee and Kandinsky are two of my favourite artists - I have been lucky enough to see some of their work at the Pompidou in Paris! This is such a fun filled post -Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Chrisx

  20. Mein Gott, Johanna! Da redest Du von "Krise" bekommen bei Kreise aufkleben und bestickst alles und jeden ohne Ende :) TOLL!!! Gut das ich nicht offiziell diese Säure aussprechen muss ;-)
    LG Conny

  21. Ich bin ja mal wieder voll geflashed von Deinen letzten Beiträgen. Da bist Du also Biologielehrerin (wenn ich das richtig übersetzt habe) und setzt dann auch noch solche kreativen Ideen sooo genial um. Waaahnsinn!
    Mit Kandinsky und Klee habe auch ich mich u.a. auseinandergesetzt, die Expressionisten liegen mir nahe. Ich denke mal, in Bezug auf den *Blauen Reiter* sind sie ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der Münchner Geschichte. Ist das der Grund oder Anstoss, warum Du Dich für sie interessierst? Ich finde das echt toll Johanna!

  22. Was für eine genial kreative Idee DNA zu sticken, "ich werd nicht mehr", das ist ganz bestimmt eine WeltPremiere in diesem Metier!!Ist mein absoluter Favorit Deiner Stickereien, sieht richtig toll aus..
    Ich wünsche Dir noch eine schöne Zeit bis zum Fest,
    LG Anja

  23. I created today's post (Saturday) with you in mind, dear Johanna. This is such an easy way to dye fabric, with minimal output and cash layout. I think it's perfect for people who don't have a lot of room and those who don't have a place to dye fabric. I was amazed at the results I got, and how little I had to do to make some lovely dyed pieces. I think you should try this technique.

  24. What a great post. Lots of stitching and museum visiting and eating, what could be better. Thanks for all the links which I'll investigate. Your stitching makes beautiful patterns and is unusual.

  25. I am glad you liked Sebastião Salgado's photos.He's Brazilian too.His photos are very impressive.Love your post!It is weird but the teacher in us never retires huh!Our profession is almost a mission and although people may not see the importance of our role and how we contribute to form citizens in some countries, I am grateful for this opportunity in my life.As Paulo Freire said:“The teacher is of course an artist, but being an artist does not mean that he or she can make the profile, can shape the students. What the educator does in teaching is to make it possible for the students to become themselves.”
    ― Paulo Freire
    I am glad I've helped some and I will for sure.
    Lovely post, my friend!

  26. Toller post Johanna! Deine Stickerei ist einfach genial. Ich wünschte ich würde das auch hinkriegen, aber ich habe zwei linke Hände:)

    Ich wünsche dir ein wunderschönes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

    ganz liebe Grüße


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