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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

sew whaT ... is going on?

another week went by with lots of Walking (alone and with friends) and taking photos...
(fodder for a Long winter... which i don´t wish for...)
the weather is unusual mild with temperatures around 20°c.
so nice (but too dry for nature)
the Woods were glowing ... i always wished i could see the famous "Indian summer" in northern america, but actually: we have it here, too!
just open your eyes!!
(linked to ajj)
i loved the curved branches of this larch and was immediately reminded of an eye...
(original photo below:)
i added a Frame from tangie/scrapbookgraphics,
font is daft brush (enlongated in width)
a few sooc (straight out of camera) photos:


and after a Long walk we were spoilt with apple cake and coffee:
(linked to T/tuesday)
what else is going on?
fabrics... sewing and embroidery...
meanwhile i have quite some small fabric scraps here, some with an idea for further Destination, others with no clue at all...
i decided to make a temporary "home" for them: a fabric book where they only are loosely basted in (to be removed easily)
i made an embroidered Piece of Cloth - thinking "sew what" would be a good title for;)

letters stencilled with acrylics, stitches free embroidered

interested how to make the Little 5-point-stars? look here

then i sewed the embroidered Piece to a handsewn cover and made 3 inlay spreads:
sewing all layers to make a book (just eyeballing, no exact science here...)

(above my needlebook i made in summer)
now i can baste some of my fabric scraps into the book... 
saying goodbye for today with my Little silvery needle bird...
i love him (bought at ebay Long ago), but actually he is too small and a bit unsteady for working with... so more a Piece of decoration;)


  1. Your eyes really WERE wide open when you took that lovely photo and turned it into an autumn beauty.

    I've never had apple cake, but it sounds good. And I would gladly join you for coffee.

    That "Sew What" book cover is awesome. As always, I'm in awe of your hand stitching. It is wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing your art, your hand sewn book, your apple cake, and coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. You have been SEW busy! Die Photos sind sehr schön, ich liebe die Herbstfarben, und danke fürs Mitmachen bei AJJ! Kaffee und Apfelkuchen schmeckt mir immer gut.
    Happy T Day, Hugs, Valerie

  3. What a lovely post today! Lots to look at. Beautiful fall photos and stunning colours. A feast for the eye!
    And I so love your "So What!" embroidery. Sorry: "Sew What!".
    Happy T Day,

  4. Wunderbare Stickereien und Ideen - herrliche Fotos und eine tolle Collage Seite auch noch dazu ( danke sagt AJJ) ganz zu schweigen von dem verlockenden Apfelkuchen!
    Hab eine beschauliche Zeit weiterhin und genieße sie und Happy T-Day!

  5. Deine Collage ist ja genial! Du hattest das richtige Auge, in diesen Zweigen ein ein Auge zu sehen.
    Ja, es stimmt, in diesem Jahr hatten wir hier auch den Indian Summer, die herrlichsten Farben seit langem, du zeigst in deinen Fotos die ganze Pracht!
    Die Sew What Seiten gefallen mir gut, gerade, weil du die Stickstiche so "zufällig" locker platziert hast.
    Frohes Schaffen weiterhin - Ulrike

  6. SEW much to enjoy here Johanna!
    You have a very good eye and vision for turning your photos into art pieces.
    The song ALL IN THE GOLDEN AFTERNOON came to mind as I was enjoying your pretty pictures.
    Now I'm off to see how to stitch some stars TFS!
    Happy T Day oxo
    p.s. you've made me hungry for apple cake!

  7. Wow, you have been busy, Johanna! Your photographs are stunning and I love how you adapted the first one. I'm also looking in great admiration at your embroidered and painted cloth - it will make a fabulous book.

  8. I think you do have beautiful autumn scenes! Lucky you to still have somewhat warm days and such color in November! And nice pieces of art too!

  9. Your embroiders Sew What cover is just awesome. Most of our leaves are brown or down now, so I enjoyed your photos. You have a good "eye" to see the eye!

  10. I would have fallen in love and bought your silvery needle bird too!! We have been rather warm here for November too. Not complaining as i know the cold will set in soon. So good to hear from you this T Tuesday! Hugs! deb

  11. I'm enjoying your fall photos. Those colors! :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  12. what artistic vision you have-I love the eyes wide open piece along with the gorgeous golden delights of autumn! Your stitching is beautiful, and that bird cushion-I just adore him! Happy warm autumn days and happy PPF too.

  13. WOW!! I LOVE your art this week!! What a fantastic idea for the photo.
    Your autumn photos are sooooo pretty.
    Happy T-day

  14. Such fun things you've shared! Gorgeous photos, and love the needlework book. I am very fond of fabric and embroidery myself, so it is sometimes difficult not to acquire more...the birdie pin keep is a treasure! happy T day!

  15. Wouaouh, I must pass by here more often dear Johanna!
    (Actually, I miss a lot of everything and everywhere at the moment)
    Your photos are wondrous indeed, and so look your country!
    You've find a perfect vegetal eye and the result of the mounting (I'm not sure of this word! :) is beautiful.
    I love your sewing work too!

    (Thank you for your touching comment and friendship Johanna!)

  16. You had a super idea to make the tree branch photo into an eye. And she has such great natural lashes--no need for mascara there! :) Thanks for this enjoyable T Day post. The apple cake and coffee look delicious.

  17. I love your photos especially the 'eyes wide open '! Your fabric book is a wonderful start to 'sew what ' ? Hope you show us! Happy T day! Chrisx

  18. What you created with the branch photo is so cool. I guess I could say you have a real eye for photography. ;)
    Happy T day!--a little late

  19. "Sew What", so great. Nice photos and a wonderful little bird to keep you company. Enjoy these waning days before winter. xox

  20. Photography, photo-editing and The Eye! Very surreal.
    I love how you sew just because you like sewing, we called it "Making Samples" at college, and it was the best fun ever. (If I tried copying a sample to make a textile artwork, it was incredibly difficult to capture the essence of the sample). So I always enjoy your just-because sewing which then turns into works of art themselves (with your help!).

  21. Love your art and that cool little needle bird!

    1. thank you so much, Nancy. i can´t find your blog because of Google+...


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