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Monday, September 21, 2015

making memories...

is the theme of take-a-word this week
i played with patches, embroidering with various stitches,
leaving a space for photos (here i only Show place holder photos, the ones from my Kids will be stitched on later)

well, the third one of course might get a round photo (or not..), but i was too lazy to look for my round Punch;)
they will become part of a fabric book, i suppose.
one day.
more patches to be made...


  1. Sehr schöne Stickereien, Du warst wieder fleißig. Eine schöne Woche Dir, LG, Valerie

  2. Toll sind die Stickereien auf dem bearbeiteten Stoff.. sieht super aus!
    Eine schöne neue Woche Dir!

  3. I love these patches, and a book is a great idea. Be sure to show us the finished piece!

  4. Wonderful background for your cute pictures they are a treasure.

  5. I like the use of photos on these new pieces. You are having so much joy in making these works. xox

  6. I apologize for not stopping by earlier, but life is still taking more of my time than I care to admit.

    These patches are stunning. I'm SO impressed with the different ways you find to decorate with your hand stitching. These are superb. I hope you never tire of me saying that because it's true!

  7. Der blaue Stoff gefällt mir super, da machen sie die roten Stickereien klasse. Ein wunderbarer Rahmen für die 'Kleinen'! Sag, wie hast du das weiße Muster auf den Stoff bekommen... oder war er so?
    LG Ulrike

  8. These are a good and unusual setting for your photographs, they will make an interesting book - one day (maybe?) - or not as you decide, but fun to do just now.

  9. You take my breath away, Johanna, with these little fabric masterpieces. I so wish I could sew!


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