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Friday, September 25, 2015

guldusi project

i never heard of guldusi until i visited the textile Exhibition on sunday (of which i reported in my previous post)
you can read about this initiative on their Website in german/French/english
it is about Connecting the Afghan culture with the world.
many women there are highly skilled embroiderers and selling their products should help them and their families.
i was immediately drawn to the Little patches the embroidering women make. most are sized about 8cm-square; there are some triangles, too.
they are telling about the life of These women by showing their animals, houses, gardening etc.

there was the opportunity to buy some of These patches, so i took the Chance:

and i decided to sew one of them onto a book wrapper i Handsewed with the linen fabric i bought at Ikea last week.

(linking it to ajj, the windows-theme)
there also were exhibited the results from a guldusi collaboration Project (europe/Afghan) themed:
‘Out of the Kitchen: jars, bowls and utensils’
lots of participants´ works hanging at the walls or laying on a desk to flip through (with gloves for protection)

two of my faves:
this one (i don´t know how the Background is made, Screen printing maybe?), dancing  spoons on a White handkerchief:

and this grungy one, milk bottle:
you can find more detailed Information on the guldusi Website in the catalog of this collaboration
 again my stamp on These pictures is only to prevent from stealing These photos by others)


  1. Wonderful embroideries. Die Arbeit der Frauen ist sehr schön, Dein Bucheinband gefällt mir auch sehr gut. Dir ein schönes Wochenende und danke fürs Mitmachen bei AJJ, Valerie

  2. Really amazing project. Charming art, Johanna.
    Happy weekend xx

  3. Oh, how gorgeous these are! I especially like the collage-y patchwork looking ones.

  4. I can see how you were drawn to both these exhibits. This must have been a very exciting time for you because these were lovely exhibitions. The fact you helped support these projects and women was a great thing, and you got a lovely memento to turn into a great art project. I'm so glad you had a good time at these events and exhibits. Your photos are stunning.

  5. I have enjoyed catching up, Johanna. I had not heard of heard of Guldusi either, but those little squares are stunning. I really like how you have incorporated the ones you purchased into a book. Somehow, it lends them with so much more meaning. Jx

  6. Eine echt tolle Sache diese Ausstellung! Fabelhafte Werke ! Super dass Du gleich was gewerkelt hast mit den schönen Teilchen!
    Die Buchhülle ist super!
    Lieben Dank für's Zeigen bei Art Journal Journey!
    Ein schönes Wochenende wünsche ich Dir!
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Ein super Projekt, so was liebe ich ja!
    Die Ziegen gefallen mir besonders gut, aber auch die Stücke, die du dir ausgesucht hast.
    ... und gleich hast du einen passenden Platz für ein Quarter gefunden! LG Ulrike

    1. ja, die ziegen hätte ich auch gerne gehabt, aber dafür reichte leider mein Geld nicht mehr...

  8. Das muss ja eine tolle Ausstellung gewesen sein... was für tolle Werke. Schöne Stücke hast du dir ausgesucht und gleich eins für eine Buchhülle verarbeitet. Sieht super aus.
    LG Carola

  9. Grungy milk bottle I like that one. Your book cover is perfect. The patches are amazing. xox


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