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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

sewing and stitching retreat

i spent four wonderful days in bad aibling - the weather was a bit rainy on the first two days, but really hot then. too hot for me to go outside (more than 30°c)
my sewing pals are way better than i am with the machine, so i decided not to take my machine with me and concentrate on my stitching stuff - this way i could avoid lots of packing.
mainly i took two sorts of Cloth with me: rusted pieces and an old blue/white tablecloth, which one day had gotten a large rip and was stored away on the attic. now i rediscovered it and thought it might be a good matching Partner for the rust Color.
i had stenciled (and some of them stitched) patches before at home,
and one of them found its place on the cover of a needle book
(handstitched only):
my next handsewing Projects are unfinished:
the cuff with the blue cheesecloth will get some more things added, which i didn´t have with me...
and this will become a camera-band to Hang around the neck.
stiched round elements in various blues and then red stars and knots (all together a bit cosmos-like) onto the rusted fabric.
now i must pad it and sew it together:
this Little bag also is sewn with the same Cloth, but here a Zipper is added by machine sewing (which dear Sarah ♥♥♥ made for me).
i will add a stripe of something at the staggered bottom.

on monday we went to a fabric shop and i couldn´t resist this Jersey... had to buy it for a Loop. being not sure my machine at home can handle this streching Cloth Edith helped me out sewing along for me.
(big hugs to my helpers! ♥♥♥)
in between i sometimes just stitched on my bears-jeans. which i almost finished (some more Little Details at the Color elements might be added)

not to Forget the wonderful meals we had... swooning...
 i should have photographed from the beginning, but i can only Show you the dinner i Chose on tuesday, which was
"alpine cuisine" (roasted Zucchini, melanzane [eggplant], potatoes, vine tomatoes - wonderfully spiced)
and as Dessert:
diced strawberries with coconut icecream, poppy seed mousse, White rolled chocolate, pepper...


  1. Love the stenciled squares, the rust and blue are perfect together.

  2. Na wow kann ich da nur sagen! Erstens hast Du tolle Sachen gemacht in Bad Aibling - und außerdem oh yeah..das Essen sieht zu lecker aus... Wahnsinn. Ich bin nach wie vor immer wieder extremst beeindruckt was Du alles mit diesen Stichen machst und wie geduldig Du sein musst! Meine Hochachtung.. die Bärenjeans ist beeindruckend - eigentlich müsstest Du das alles auf einer Jeans machen, die frau noch tragen kann..das wär dann Designerfashion vom Feinsten!

    Ich freu mich dass Du es so schön hattest!
    Da kannst Du nun kreativtechnisch sicher wieder lange zehren von diesem schönen Treffen!

    Machs fein und keep cool... bei uns ist auch schon wieder Affenhitze und ich rette mich immer zwischendurch in den Pool-
    GsD hat mein Mann ihn aufgestellt, wir wollten es heuer eigentlich nicht.. ist immer so viel Wasser und Pflege ..
    aber es hat sich schon rentiert inzwischen.

    Außerdem bin ich schon in mein großes " Studio" übersiedelt - fast 16 qm² mit zwei Fenstern für mich ALLEIN! Ich schwebe im 7. Himmel .


  3. Das Essen sieht soooooooooooooooooooooo gut aus und ich habe Hunger! Du warst sehr fleißig und hast tolle Dinge genäht, aller Achtung - gut gemacht! GLG, Valerie

  4. Wouaouh, it looks like this sewing retreat is a very fun time Johanna! :D
    I love a lot your truly particular graphical approach.
    I love the colors and patterns you've chosen.
    And all these objects are pure treasure indeed!

  5. (Thank you for your sweet comment dear Johanna! :)

  6. I've always thought blue and rust went well together. The sewing kit you made is stunning and incredible. Adding stamping made it even better.

    Your bears are unbelievable. I keep wishing I could hand sew, but I would never accomplish anything as lovely as what you are making.

    Guess it was best for all of us that you only showed one meal, because this was a vegetarian's dream. I could eat that "alpine cuisine" all day long. So glad you took us with you on this four day hiatus. I, for one, really enjoyed the photos.

  7. So ein spannender Post heute, so viel zu bestaunen! Da warst du ja wirklich fleißig und produktiv!
    Auf das leckere Essen beim Medina freu ich mich auch schon, was dir ja leider entgeht.
    LG Ulrike

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with friends, stitching and great food Johanna - what more could a girl ask for

    The blue and the rust together are gorgeous love the bears too

  9. So glad you had a wonderful time, and thanks for sharing your wonderful works of art, very inspiring! :))

  10. Boahhh, was hast du viele tolle Sachen genäht. Bin begeistert.
    Schön, dass du so tolle 4 Tage in Bad Aibling hattest. Ja und das Essen sieht sooo lecker aus....hmmmm.

    LG Carola

  11. First of all Yummy Yum Yum. That dessert looks straight out of a magazine and the alpine dinner is right up my alley. (I just made some of my Mutti's German potatoe salade along with a cucumber and tomato...each of the three having a vinegar and oil dressing all a little different...sorry I am hungry waiting for Mr Magpie to come home!)
    Your getaway sounds wonderful and very productive.
    Seeing the beautiful strap you made for your camera I first thought of a priest's clothing for church services ;-)
    The stenciled faces on fabric are excellent and your bears!!! Oh My just wonderful too.
    Can you tell I enjoyed everything about this ♥
    Glad you're back and you would melt in summertime in the Washington DC area. Sometimes it gets as hot as 37c and feels much hotter because of the humidity. It is NOT my favorite thing at all. I stay inside too and pray for relief in the temperatures.

  12. Looks like you had a great trip. I'm jealous-4 days of sewing and socializing with other like minded folks! Nice pieces.

  13. Looks like you had a great trip. I'm jealous-4 days of sewing and socializing with other like minded folks! Nice pieces.

  14. Fabulous sewing, Johanna, the food is scrumptious, glad you enjoyed it, have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

    Love and hugs

  15. It looks like you had such a creative and productive retreat, Johanna. All your pieces look so good and I like the variety of the things you made. Amazing work. Jx

  16. Hier gibt es ja eine Menge zu sehen. So ein Nähevent wäre auch mal was für mich.... Meine Nähmaschine wartet im Moment drauf, dass ich sie zur Inspektion bringe :/
    Die blau/gelb(braune) Farbkombi gefällt mir super gut.
    Auch dein Bärenwerk ist klasse.


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