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Thursday, August 20, 2015

robert plant celebrating his 67th birthday today.
but his stage acts show everything but a man in advanced years.
i only can relate to the write-ups of music journalists - i had not the fortune to visit his live Performances personally... but they all write in the same Tenor: he still has incredible energy, is not stuck to the old times when he started at led Zeppelin (though These Songs still Play an important role in his acts), still has a wonderful voice and is very charismatic. he is one of my favorite singers and one of the best in the rolling Stone Magazine best-of-alltime leadsingers´ list.
in led zep times he created his Symbol, the encircled feather:
"Robert Plant's symbol uses the feather of Ma'at, the Egyptian goddess of justice and fairness. It is the emblem of a writer. In the past Plant has said that it comes from the ancient Mu civilization."
(info from here)
i stitched this Symbol onto one of my rusted cotton patches (do no ask what i will use it for ... time will show...)
one of plant´s Advantages is that he doesn´t like standstill. he is always looking for new musical experiences and has an incredible flexibility. i totally loved his collaboration with alison krauss "raising sand", which is in my cd-player frequently (and visiting friends often ask: what do we hear now?)
and his newest cd "lullaby and... the ceaseless roar" (with the band sensational space shifters) is the one i got from my sons for my birthday - and i really like it, too.
and hey, just look at the phantastic graphics of this cd, swooning...

now i wish you a happy birthday, Robert Plant, so young at heart! 


  1. I'm a big fan of Robert Plant, too. I was born a generation too late, because the songs I love are those of singers like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and others like them. I've always liked Plant because he DID move on from Led Zeppelin. I remember the first time I heard the album "Band of Joy," I was very impressed.

    Thanks for sharing his symbol and your take on his later works. I know you'll eventually find a use for that feather!

  2. Wonderful post to honour Robert Plant! Valerie

  3. Wow eine tolle ... Rockerbraut - Stickerei - LOL!
    Eine toller post Johanna!

  4. I know little about Robert Plant, but what you write about him is so interesting, particularly his willingness to move on. I shall look out for how you use the feather symbol - it looks really good on your rusted cloth.

  5. Love him too. Cool tidbit about the feather in the circle. xox

  6. Whoa those graphics certainly are fabulous
    as is your needlework feather in a circle which is so full of meaning.
    Thank you for the education and now I'm off to see if I can listen to a bit of that new CD.

  7. Ein guter Freund hat ihn letztes Jahr noch live in Lettland gesehen - ich war ganz neidisch!


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