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Saturday, May 09, 2015

only dead fish go with the flow / bot. garden augsburg


i think this Quote is so common that there is no origin to be found.
once again you see sashiko stitching, in a light rosy colored yarn.
i trace the shapes for the places to leave unstitched with a pen that will vanish by itself.
the words are printed (font: microbrew four) on a paper that i collected from my glasses cleanings. i Think they are too good to throw out just after one use. and they have a somewhat leathery Feeling when laminated (on the back only). they are good to be dyed, too - but here i took a pure one.
and as all These fishes are Swimming in the deep sea, this scroll Journal Piece is linked to art Journal journey.
on thursday our monthly stampers´ Meeting in munich was due... but: the all-week-Long Train strike (the 8th now!!!)  Held me off going there... i was really disappointed and angry actually (People loose understanding for this strike meanwhile...)
as the weather was fine, i tried to find an alternative for my plan to visit the botanical garden in Munich... and decided to go to the botanical garden in Augsburg (the local Train went like scheduled:))
i had heard several times that it should be beautiful - and it is!
different to the one in munich, with lots of small niches to sit and recreate.
and with one of the biggest japanese gardens in europe (4.200 m²)


don´t These branches look like japanese signs?
(not that i have any knowledge about These...)

it was a day with beautiful clouds - happy guessing...
(i see a raven skull in the upper one and falkor [dt: fuchur], the luckdragon from "the neverending Story" in the lower one)
the purple magnolia "nigra" seems to be one of the late bloomers among the magnolias
frogs in spring mood...

actually i wanted to take some pics of ferns to turn them into pngs, but it seems impossible to get them focussed in my camera:(
anyway, it was a beautiful sunny day and i felt Content in the evening...


  1. Wunderschön! Danke fürs Mitmachen bei Art Journal journey, Valerie

  2. Die Seite ist wunderbar.. den Spruch mag ich gern.. Du hast ihn perfekt verarbeitet!
    Was für ein Prachtort muss das sein, wo Du da warst!
    Herrliche Aufnahmen Johanna! Lieben Dank für's Teilen und für's Mitmachen bei Art Journal Journey!
    Hab ein schönes Wochenende!
    liebe Grüße

  3. Oh, welch ein schöner Botanischer Garten! Ich liebe die gritzegrünen Frösche. Danke für's Mitnehmen dort hin durch diese tollen Fotos! Ich nehme mir vor, auch unseren Bot. Garten hier mal wieder zu besuchen, der aber lang nicht so viel zu bieten hat wie deiner hier.
    Super auch die Fisch-Stickerei - irgendwie erinnern mich die Fische an Escher....
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  4. This is another fascinating stitching with unusual words, pictures and typefaces (love your variety of typefaces and their names (I've said this before) (many times!).
    I enjoyed my stroll in this new park, love the photograph of the frogs and am wondering how you managed to isolate the plant Dicentra from its background so efficiently.

  5. I feel like a fish out of water (pun intended) because I have never heard that saying before. But your stitching is simply incredible. And you come up with the most unusual fonts. This one is quite different.

    I really enjoyed your taking us to these new gardens. I thought the Japanese gardens were simply stunning. I enjoyed it all, including the statues, the water feature, and of course, the stunning images you turned into .pngs. They are incredible the way you have isolated the features. Beautiful and fun. Thanks for taking us with you on this day trip.

  6. Das ist ja ein parchtvoller GArten!!! Sehr cool finde ich, die Idee, die Pflanzen nach ihrer Form auszuwählen und sie dem Wasser und den Steinen unterzuordnen ;) und ein fettes WOW für Dein gesticktes Kunstwerk! Das ist ja einmalig schön! Wie hier alles zusammenpasst...sehr cool ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  7. Wonderful stitching my friend!The Japanese gardens are sublime!I really love your new phase!

  8. Just adorng these stitched pieces. Thanks for the visit to such a beautiful and peaceful garden. xox

  9. A wonderful piece, love the detailed stitching. This must have taken you hours to make.

  10. Wowww, was für eine schöne Stickerei. Suuuper!
    Tolle Fotos auch.
    LG Carola


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