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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

like the sea...

the challenge theme for this month at ajj is the sea...
this is what i came up with: a Quote from Vincent van Gogh, printed on a teabag with font fueled by schlitz (aren´t These font names sometimes funny?)
the Picture (seychelles) i used is from a travel brochure. i cut it out in oval shape and stitched around it with the running stitch.
for the Picture itself i used the blanket stitch.
(pre-sewed with machine without thread; pic strengthened with laminating foil on the back)

my camera isn´t really good for bird Pictures, the zoom is not effective enough.
but yesterday i suddenly watched a tit frequently flying to our terrace. there is a chair with an old lambskin, a leftover from my childrens´ baby-days, which is used for our cat now (he can sleep there when he is out in the night). the tit had detected this as good nesting stuff and picked bits out of the fur. i hope it wil get lucky with it:)


  1. Great quote on your work, thanks for joining us at AJJ, Valerie

  2. Wunderbar gemacht Johanna, ich glaub das ist meine derzeitige Lieblingsarbeit in Deinem Jeansalbum!
    Na das gibt klaro super Nestbaumaterial... scheint ein kleiner Biofreak zu sein, unsere hier nehmen Plastikfäden!

  3. Der Spruch passt aber eigentlich doch auch zu dem Herz von Frauen...!? Deine Stiche werden mit der Zeit immer gleichmäßiger, man kann es sehen.
    Die Meise hast du aber toll erwischt - ist die niedlich!
    LG Ulrike

    1. a, ich hatte auch erst gestutzt - aber dann hab ich das lexikon befragt und da steht für "man" nicht nur "mann", sondern auch "mensch" allgemein. das ist sicher hier auch gemeint, denn sonst hätte van gogh sicher auch "a man" geschrieben, wenn er speziell die männer gemeint hätte.

  4. Entirely fantastic piece of art, Johanna. I adore it and the quote tells just wonderfully about man's mind and the sea - especially knwing who's words they are.

  5. You really have been stitching up a storm, no pun intended. Fingers must be sore by now. Love this piece. Makes me think of those sailor's valentines or scrimshaw work. xox

  6. HOLY COW. This is beyond beautiful. My hands cramped just THINKING about all that sewing you did on this one. It is simply stunning. Unbelievable.

  7. beautiful project -and the Seychelles-looks heavenly! Sweet birdie pics. I also have a hard time getting good ones with my little camera but I do enjoy watching them:)

  8. Your unusual sewing project just gets better and better.
    Picture strengthened with laminated foil, holes with only the needle, no thread, then neat buttonhole stitch - I'm taking notes here.
    Great result, picture, sewing and quote all together.
    I'm so pleased for the baby tits who will have such a comfortable nest. Don't tell the cat where his comfortable bed fur is going.

  9. Love this piece, your stitches, the lovely photo of the Seychelles and the great quote! :)

  10. Love your little denim piece.Is it a single piece or part of a cloth book? And love the printing on a tea bag. How did you do that? I image you needed to put it onto something before you ran it through your printer.

    1. erika, you can find the trick here:

  11. WOW ich bin total beeindruckt das ist ja eine richtige Fleissarbeit! Aber hat sich gelohnt, richtiges Urlaubsfeeling kommt auf bei dem tollen Foto und die Umrandung mit den Stichen hebt es wunderbar hervor!
    LG Anja

  12. Your stitching is amazing. I don't have patience for it! Thanks for stopping by my blog as well!!

  13. A stunning page, Johanna. They must take you ages to complete, but it is certainly worth it. Jx


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