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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

heed this einstein quote...

i hope you don´t get bored by my current Obsession;)
another Quote, Einstein this time, printed with font hedgerow)
and i think Einstein is famous enough to fit the current challenge at the three muses...

in the Detail photo you see i used three different shades of blue for stitching:

and the fishes again qualify it for art-Journal journey`s sea challenge this month.


  1. Tolle Arbeit, Du scheinst viele alte Jeans zu haben! Und viel Geduld zum Nähen und Sticken. Der Einstein Zitat habe ich auch neulich benutzt auf einer Journalseite, gefällt mir! GLG

  2. I love the quote and your most beautiful and original illustration of it. Fabulous.

  3. DIe Quote ist toll und macht sich auf Deiner Textilkunst Jeans Seite super.. Ich beneide Deine Geduld bei diesem Stich... ja ich weiss das hab ich schon geschrieben, aber es kommt mir jedes Mal in den Sinn!
    Tolle Artbeit!
    AJJ freut sich ueber den schoenen Beitrag!

  4. *grins* Einstein scheint viele Fans zu haben bei dieser challenge :-)
    Auch Deine Zitate sind der Hammer wegen der Stickerei, einfach bewundernswert!
    LG Anja

  5. Great quote but your sewing in amazing what a treasure.

  6. Great quote but your sewing in amazing what a treasure.

  7. Another amazing bit of stitchery, Johanna. That's one of my favorite quotes, by the way.

  8. Joanna, I love how you combine fabric, stitching and paper, very creatively made, great quote.

  9. Joanna, I love how you combine fabric, stitching and paper, very creatively made, great quote.

  10. Your current obsession - if you mean your wonderful textile art - is entertaining me greatly and I am also full of admiration for the clarity and imagination of the way you combine sewing, art and denim fabric.

  11. Großartig! Ich mag ja die Einstein-Weisheiten sehr!

    Die Stickerei ist zwar sehr zeitaufwändig, aber hat was Meditatives, was ich gut nachvollziehen kann. Früher habe ich ja große Decken handgequiltet, was mich immer sehr beruhigt hat.
    Sei nicht traurig wegen München, im nächsten Monat klappt es wieder.
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  12. What a stunning quote! Thank you for sharing! :) I have saved it on my diary.
    And how can we get bored by your exquisite textile art?! Keep sharing your lovely pieces! :D

  13. A wonderful quote for this terrific project

    Love Chrissie xx

  14. Wow! fabulous colours and brilliantly sewn! What a brilliant quote!! Chrisx

  15. A wonderful quote, Johanna. I could never get bored of quotes like this one.

  16. Another fabulous piece of your scroll journal, Johanna. Your stitching is so neat! Strangely, I have never heard that quote, so I'm glad you shared it. It is so true!
    The photos of the Japanese garden are really beautiful - thanks for sharing. It looks an amazing place. Jx

  17. Love your textile art! This piece is fantastic and I love the quote too.

  18. Look what happens when I spend a couple of days away from the computer. This is beyond beautiful, and of course, the quote is so true.

    I was told all my life how dumb I was, mainly because I've always been a bit scatterbrained, especially when I'm under stress. It took getting my master's degree and being accepted into a Ph.D. program to realize I was NOT dumb. But it's a hard lesson to learn when all those around you are reenforcing the negative.

    This is a beautiful piece, and I love, love, love the stitches.

  19. Love that quote and of course all the stitches!


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