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Saturday, February 28, 2015

raven pennants

today is the last day for playing with the fabric theme of mix-it-monthly...
and of cause the black birds of mm&m are in my mind.
(plus poe, who always goes well with the raven, so i also link this to the quoth-the-raven challenge)
i hadn´t made pennants for a while, so that was my idea when i came over a paint-leftovers smeared cardstock - i could cut out 4 pennant shapes from one Piece

(and i had a mysterious leftover of a "T"... why mysterious? i also had a "T" cloud when photographing this morning, using the last rays of sun before the bad weather came back...)
for sure you see the central "T"...
what does it mean - asks the question mark...
and i see a sort of skull in the bottom part of the "T"...
okay, i stop questioning...
back to the pennants:
i found These two raven heads in my stash of printed fabric and sewed them onto two of the pieces:
a Little stamping (red Castle/judi kauffman) added a bit more texture and colored fingers are always good for the Soul..

i printed parts from the raven Poem of e.a.poe onto ledger paper with font blood of Dracula
some finishing touches with my beloved neocolor II (can´t live without them) and i thought it would be done.
but they were not sturdy enough to my taste and so i gave them another cardstock backing, which i glued on with some cheese Cloth between the sandwich. done.


  1. Eeee!! - these are FABulous - I love me some Ravens too :-) Fantastic idea to make pennants.
    Weird stuff going on with your clouds ? LoL
    Thank you for playing at QUOTH THE RAVEN

    IKE x

  2. Ich bin begeistert, total schön! Die Rabenöpfe sind wundervoll! Danke fürs Mitspielen bei Moo Mania and More. Dir ein schönes Wochenende, GLG, Valerie

  3. Wundervolle Wimpel boah.. sogar mit Stoffdrucken! Danke für so schöne Arbeiten zur Moo Manai & More Challenge!
    Du bist eine Wolkenträumerin anscheinend..
    lol..ich liebe es aber auch im Sommer, wenn ich im Garten lieg die Gebilde zu betrachten am Himmel.

    Hab ein schönes Wochenende Johanna!
    Bei uns schneit es mal zur Abwechslung... grrr

  4. So many techniques, so many fabulous results.
    We are not artists unless we have dyed our fingers.
    And the flurry of "Ts" - what does it mean?
    I love banners and I especially like your double raven banner with the quote, something quite different.

  5. Das Thema läßt Dich nicht los ne Johnanna? ... und das ist auch gut so. Die Idee, Wimpel zu gestalten ist genial und wie Du sie gestaltet hast erst recht! Fantastisch!

  6. Wow amazing flags! I so love the clear crips print you have made with the raven! and then bring them more to life with this bold colors! What a great work! ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

  7. Great banners and those black birds always have so much to say don't they? xox

  8. Sehr schöne und sehr Johanna-artige Wimpel!

  9. Wow, was für obergeniale Wimpel, liebe Johanna.

    Danke für's erneute Mitmachen bei MOO-MANIA & MORE

  10. Holy cow, Johanna. I truly adore these pennants. They will brighten up any room, I'm sure. And those blackbirds on fabric are to DIE FOR. Wonderful, wonderful.

  11. Love your pennants, Johanna! That's something I have never, ever made! I am glad that you wrote about the ravens being on fabric (as I could later see in your detail photographs) because I could not see it in the first photo. Brilliant idea to use them in your pennants! Someday I will make some. Great snippets of Edgar Allan Poe poetry here. Thanks so much for participating in the QUOTH THE RAVEN challenge this week!

  12. Nicht nur die beiden Wimpel sind genial, nein, auch das Wolkenfoto. Bevor ich deinen Text gelesen habe, hatte ich ebenfalls den Totenkopf "gesehen".

  13. Wolkenbilder interpretieren - das habe ich als Kind schon immer gerne gemacht, und heute auch noch.
    Super Rabenwimpel!
    LG Ulrike

  14. Loving those! They are certainly the sort of thing I'd have hanging in my home somewhere. My 3 sons and myself spend hours looking at the clouds telling each other what we can see in them :D Thank you for sharing your creations with us at QTR xx

  15. Congratulations on having your work honored by the DT at Quoth the Raven, Johanna! Well deserved!

  16. Awesome technique! Thanks for sharing with us at Quoth the Raven this month! ~Nanette, DT~

  17. Johanna, Johanna, Johanna!
    Kann auch das erkennen, was Du siehst :)
    Finde ALLE Wimpel der Knaller und zwar von vorne bis hinten. Ich schätze Du brauchst bald am Haus einen Anbau, um all Deine Werke zu verstauen :)
    LG Conny


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