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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

angels can fly

wonderful theme at art Journal journey this month: collage

it started with a gelli print Background, which was not successful: the Journal must have had a dent and did not lay even for the print. so big parts remained White. but i turned it into an Advantage and used a napkin over it (you can see some of the swirls of the stencil through it).
[i´m sure you all know the trick how to tear napkins: make a trace with a thin wet brush and tear along it, it will run smoothly!]
then i thought about a matching Color for the bottom and found it in my stash of painted glasses-wipes. i printed the Quote (font: adolphus) onto the turquoise wipe and stamped a pair of wings (invoke arts) onto it.
the postal stamp was cancellated with a stamp from ma Vinci.
[i had thought about working in the swirls with turquoise, but i was afraid to ruin the whole look... Coward!]
stuff i used...
swirls are the theme of the three muses this week, too - but i will have another (digital) sample for them tomorrow.


  1. Das ist eine wundervolle Arbeit - ich bin nicht nur von der Kompüosition, sonder vor allem auch sehr von den tollen Farben angetan!
    Danke Johanna!
    Hab eine tolle Woche!

    Na das dauert aber lang... Bürokratie...

    na macht ja nichts -- Du kannst warten schätze ich - hast ja genug zu tun!

  2. No I did not know the trick to tearing napkins......thankyou for explaining this!!! I really like the colour scheme you have used on this journal page. Very nice.

  3. Was ist das wieder schön geworden! Ich mag die Farbkombination von Rot und Türkis. Und natürlich ein schöner Spruch!
    Alles Liebe, Manuela

  4. Eine tolle Journalseite Johanna, mir gefallen die Farben seeehr gut! GLG, Valerie

  5. Angels and collage. Love this entry. I was impressed that you ran your glass wipe through your printer. That may be braver than me, and I thought I ran a lot through mine.

    This is simply gorgeous, and I appreciated how you took us through the process. You were actually not a coward. I usually mess up on the final step, which messes up the entire piece. Yours is gorgeous just the way it is!

  6. I like this colour combination, red and turquoise, quite unusual.
    Liked to see the "stuff you used" too!

  7. No, I didn't know the trick how to tear napkins, thank you for sharing. And this art work is absolutely AWESOME! :)

  8. wow,das sieht großartig aus,die kombi und farben sind der hammer,gefällt mir total gut.

    GLg Jeannette

  9. Na, du bist ja schon richtig in Weihnachtsstimmung.
    Sieht super aus!
    LG Ulrike

  10. I'd forgotten that trick with the napkin, thanks for the reminder. Your wings look so ethereal and the composition is lovely. xox

  11. Stunning work Johanna - the background is amazing

  12. Ein wunderbar lebendige Komposition - besonders die Farben!

  13. Eine wunderschöne Collage, sie erinnert mich daran, dass ich auch noch solche Taschentücher liegen habe.


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